Amelia escort match meetic

amelia escort match meetic

2. aug. - One of the quests you can get from the Ruan Bracer Guild is to escort someone's grandfather through the Krone Trail. The problem is that the client is listed as Amelia, but it doesn't say where to find her for more information. I am not sure if I should look in Ruan, Magnolia or somewhere else. Sure, someone  Mangler: meetic. aug. - It doesn't show where I needed to go find Amelia. I looked on the I'm looking for an escort for my uncle, who's dead set on heading out onto the Krone Trail. Please come to I had been trying to get through this game the old fashioned way and avoid using the wiki as much as possible. I'm glad I finally  Mangler: meetic. aug. - Here's a guide on the sidequest Escort Job. Twitch: meetic.


Trails in the sky: Escort Job amelia escort match meetic

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  1. amelia escort match meetic

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